Rural Garden Club of Lapel


The Lapel Rural Garden Club was founded in 1941. Some of the ladies are decendants of the original members,

During the months of April to December they meet at various locations.  Different members host the meetings in their homes.  Some months they may take a "field trip" on their meeting day.  The club has a garden plot in Woodward Park that they planted and maintain.  They also plant all of the planters that beautify Main Street each summer.

The 2011 Officers are as follows: 
     President:        Susan Tudor
     Vice President:  Jackie Stephenson
     Secretary:         Elaine Huntzinger
     Treasurer:         Helen Snyder

If you would like more information about the Club please call Jackie Stephenson at (765)534-3017.




Contact Details

  • Phone

    P: (765) 534-3017

  • Postal Address

    Lapel 46051