Radical Mowing Method Planned for Bulldog Park

By Daniel Paull, photo(s) Artist Rendering of Guinea Pigs at Bulldog Park, posted at Monday, March 20, 2017
LAPEL, IN - At a special Park Meeting to be held on April 1st the Lapel Park Board is expected to discuss options for keeping the grass at the new Bulldog Park mowed.

One controversial yet environmentally friendly concept likely to be brought up is the idea of using trained guinea pigs to keep the grass short. These diminutive mammals will also self-fertilize and potentially save the Park Department thousands a year in labor, gas and other fees.

The Park Department would need to construct a small building to house the cuddly creatures when they are not being used for mowing. Potentially opening a new revenue stream as a petting zoo on site.

Town Council members will likely want to know what kind of insurance liability issues this would bring to the Town and whether the insurance premiums will go up to cover bites and animal allergies.

Ideas on the agenda include turning the retention pond on the NE corner of the Park property into a guinea pig paddling pool to provide extra exercise to the animals between mowing cycles.

Disclaimer: This is an April Fool's Day Article and is only intended for your amusement, no part of this story is factually accurate or intended to be taken seriously.

Source: Stony Creek Lifestyle / www.stonycreeklifestyle.com
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