Pleasantview Apartments Re-zone Approved

By Daniel Paull, posted at Wednesday, March 08, 2017
LAPEL, IN - The Lapel Town Council voted in favor of rezoning agricultural land so that it can be used for apartments on the East side of Lapel.

Pleasantview Apartments moved further ahead with the vote by the three Town Council members present at the meeting.

Michael Cates, Deb Wainscott and Lindsay Washmuth voted in favor of the rezone.

Adam D`Angelo the developer of the project presented his plans which had not changed from the last meeting at the Lions Club in February.

Several residents expressed concerns about drainage and the potential for this development setting the tone of how Lapel grows in the foreseeable future.

D`Angelo and members of his engineering team were confident that this project would help with drainage in the immediate area. The development includes two dry detention ponds for water and should hold and then slowly drain excess rain water and flood water which will help prevent flooding to homes on Central Ave. and 4th St.

Michael Cates (President) also noted that he is working on long term drainage fixes for Central Avenue and other parts of Lapel. 

In the end the Town Council approved the rezone. Formal design plans will now be drawn up and presented at a later meeting to the Planning Board who will have final approval on the thirty-apartment development.

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