1MILLION Gallon Water Leak Fixed

The Town of Lapel Utility Department located and fixed a water leak that they estimate was accounting for 100,000 gallons of lost water per day.

This water leak proved difficult to find and was later traced to a foreclosed/abandoned home on Main Street.

This particular house had a Fire Suppression System installed and without any heating in the home one of the pipes carrying water had frozen and broken leading to the excessive water leak.

The water was then flowing through the backyard into a Storm Drain leaving no visible sign of the leak at the front of the property.

Utility Department workers did find the leak after approximately 9 days and fixed it.

Town officials have now asked Bob "Killer" Kowalski to investigate all abandoned/vacant homes in Lapel to ensure they are secure. It is unknown at this time how many homes are vacant in Lapel but hopefully by identifying them it will help prevent similar problems in the future.

A stock photo of a previous Water Leak in Lapel has been used with this article.

You can find more information on this business at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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