Fire Board Meeting Reveals Potential Timeline for New Fire House

A long Fire Board meeting held at the Masonic Lodge on 9th St last night led to some interesting developments and potential dates for development on the new Fire House.

Representatives from KRM Architects based out of Anderson were present to discuss the Fire Barn with Fire Board members and help the Fire Board streamline the next steps of the process for the new Fire House.

There was a mountain of information revealed at this meeting and I will attempt to share most of it with our readers.

Fire Board members shifted away from using the West Softball Diamond for the main construction in favor of using the East Diamond instead. This is mainly due to the fact the drainage ditch on the west side of the property may reduce the available land for construction.

While the Fire Board thought that construction would not begin until after the Softball season ends in the middle half of the year they would not rule out starting early if everything came together in such a way that the project could happen within an earlier timeframe.

Plans still allow for the Softball teams to use the one remaining diamond.

KRM Architects will come up with new plans and help the Board through the entire process which will hopefully simplify things for all involved.

Right now the Board is working on two tracks

  • Securing financing, which looks likely to be through an open market loan with a 15 year term. This could potentially save the Fire Board as much as $220,000.
  • Design & Construction

Once documentation is in place in the design phase it will be put out to bid allowing local and national companies to bid on completing the project.

Each bid will be to complete the entire project and the Fire Board can choose either the lowest bid or the lowest bid that they think satisfies all requirements if the lowest bid is deemed to not be suitable. The Fire Board would need a legitimate reason to exclude low-ball bids.

Board Members were concerned securing a loan through Rural Development would require far too much paper work and red tape and feel that an open market loan is the best solution.

The feeling we got from this meeting is that the board is ready to go and wants to see the new Fire Barn up as soon as possible to give the Volunteer Firefighters a wonderful new home that will serve generations to come.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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