Fire Board Gives Owens-Illinois New Date

The original deadline of October 1st has long since come and gone but now there could be good news on the horizon.

For months the Fire Board has been waiting for a decision from Brockway plant owners Owens-Illinois. A strict deadline of October 1st had been set and passed without comment and no decision has yet been made.

Officially Owens-Illinois is trying to sell part or all of the Golf Course to Bison World who will need to get either the zoning changed or a special variance to use that land as a Bison Farm. As we understand it IF this proves successful and Bison World does buy that land it will see a good amount of money go to the Owens-Illinois coffers. Owens-Illinois is keeping quiet about this commenting only to say that they are unable to talk about it pending the outcome of the land sale.

Unofficially we believe what may happen is that if the sale is approved Owens-Illinois will be more inclined to give the land to the Fire Department as a donation.

So a lot hinges on a BZA meeting on the 23rd

A new date of November 15th has now been given and hopefully by the time this date rolls around the purchase will have gone ahead and the Fire Department will be able to finally move forward with plans for a new Home.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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