Finances on the Agenda at September 20th Town Meeting

At the meeting held at the Eagles last night. Tom Tudor discussed finances and outlined his plans for the 2013 budget.

Tudor, Clerk Treasurer discussed his new opinion that pre-buying gas for winter may not have worked so well for the Town last year as they ended up buying far more gas than they needed.

He proposed that this winter they simply buy as they need it and see what the weather brings.

It was also discussed that the Part Time Police Fund was now completely used up with 3 months of the year left to run. Tudor believed this shortfall could be easily negated using funds from the Police Overtime Fund which still has a healthy balance and is used to pay holiday and overtime pay.

The new plans for replacing some storm water lines will need to be creatively funded using money raised from the Storm Water Tax this year but also with money from the Sewer Company.

A public hearing was held with no one but Judi Turpen (Times Post reporter) asking questions relating to the 2013 budget.

Tom Tudor explained that generally the Town asks for specific amounts of money and make additional appropriations as needed when they need to.

On June 30th the Town received 13% less money than they had expected from the last tax draw. This was most likely caused by unpaid county taxes.

The Town already knows that with the loss of the Wheel Tax due to County policy shift Lapel will be losing a further $34,000 in the next tax year.

Tom Tudor described this budget as a "Keep the lights on budget" which we assume means nothing much has changed and his focus is simply to keep the Town running as normal without having any financial surprises.


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