New Optimist Club Building Opens as OFL Season Kicks Off

It was great to be present at the Optimist Club this morning as it opened its doors for the first time after a tragic fire in December 2011 led to the total destruction of the old building, fixtures, fittings, uniforms and misc items.

Almost 10 months to that tragic day the New Optimist Club Building is now ready and open for business. Final inspections were approved on Thursday paving the way for Tony, Karen, Enos and Dorcas to open the doors to the community.

Stepping inside the new building you can see instantly how the donations and hard earned funds the Optimist Club raised have been spent.

Many of you will notice the excellent new Kitchen which feels like it is 10 times bigger than the old one. You can see Enos and Dorcas working hard cooking food as they have done for many years in the past.

While many of the kids present at today's games will not truly understand what has gone on this past year, and are more than likely just happy to be playing football again you can tell from the parents and friends of the Optimist Club just how much it means to see the building back up and even better than before.

See our photos below for a peek inside the great new building. 

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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