Non-Profit Supports Equine-based Program for Veterans and Families

In honor of Patriot’s Weekend, and the 11th anniversary of 9/11, Elizabeth Shatner’s non-profit, The All Glory Project, will donate funds to support the participation of over 30 military families in Operation Free Ride at Lexington’s Stable Pastures on Saturday, September 8th from 1-4 pm.

An outreach program of the Horses4Heroes non-profit based in Nevada, Operation Free Ride provides a free, easy opportunity for military, veterans and their families to experience the therapeutic experience of riding and interacting with horses. Beyond riding, the events offer family bonding games, peer-to-peer interaction, optional counseling, good food and even live music.

Elizabeth Shatner, renowned champion horsewoman and wife of William Shatner, founded The All Glory Project non-profit to promote, educate and fund animal-assisted therapy (equine and canine) for America’s veterans, military and their families. The All Glory Project has decided to fund Operation Free Ride because the program provides a fun, engaging introduction to the healing power of horses, removing the stigma of the label of “therapy”.

Horse4Heroes President Sydney Knott explains, “Time and time again, ride after ride, horses have proven their abilities to help heal the wounds of war and separation.” She adds, “With thousands of troops returning home, programs like Operation Free Ride are important to PTSD sufferers, Wounded Warriors, and especially their caregivers and families,”  

Noting that September is Suicide Prevention Month, Knott said that her organization and its 190 participating facilities are opening their barn doors to service members and veterans who might be feeling lost, alone or desperate.


World-renowned champion horse rider and judge Elizabeth Shatner founded The All Glory Project to promote, foster and support programs that utilize animal-assisted therapies in aiding military veterans and their families.  The campaign also recognizes our four-legged friends in the service, "We are a non-profit campaign of consciousness to thank our wounded heroes, human and animal alike,” says Mrs. Shatner.

The first programs being supported are equine-based programs that have met the high standards dictated by the respected accreditation bodies, PATH Int'l and EAGALA.  Animal-assisted therapy is well documented to be a powerful and effective treatment for a variety of mental health and physical development needs, many of which are suffered by veterans and their families. These range from societal and family re-integration issues and post-traumatic stress disorder to post-injury muscle strength and agility. Esteemed therapy programs that have already benefitted from the All Glory Project include Central Kentucky Riding For Hope's Horse For Heroes program in Lexington, KY and the BraveHearts Veterans Program in Harvard, IL. 

The new website is designed not only to educate the public about the non-profit and its cause, it also includes an interactive Virtual Monument. Visitors can upload tributes and photos of their favorite service members and veterans, make donations that get mapped on GoogleMaps to support local pride, and even locate centers near them if they wish to volunteer or just witness equine therapy in action.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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