Lapel Elementary Kids to Visit Bradford Woods in October

Teachers, helpers and a gaggle of Elementary School Students will be visiting Bradford Woods on October 15th, 16th and 17th this year.

As well as providing an excellent facility Bradford Woods offers these students numerous exercises and tasks that teach important skills as well as team building.

Students from the Lapel School System have been going to Bradford Woods now for many years and they love it!

About Bradford Woods

Situated on a pristine 2,500-acre natural environment, Bradford Woods is Indiana University’s learning and outdoor education center. For over 50 years, Bradford Woods has provided recreational, educational, and leadership development opportunities to youth and adults locally, nationally, and globally. Today, Bradford Woods services over 25,000 people annually. Bradford Woods is dedicated to ensuring stewardship of its environment and providing state-of-the-art educational programs, recreational opportunities and professional service.

Needing your Help

This year the cost to parents wanting to send their kids to Bradford Woods with the Elementary School is $110 per student. To many families this is a little too expensive but the Lapel Elementary School system and teachers such as Pam Shuck want all of the students to experience the many wonderful sights and sounds that Bradford Woods has to offer.

As of right now Shuck knows of 3 kids that cannot afford to go but there may be more ...

If you would like to help send one or all of these kids on this amazing experience you can send a donation to the Lapel Elementary School. No matter the amount you can afford we are sure it will help.

Please mail your donation or drop it off directly at:

Lapel Elementary School
2865 South State Road 13
Lapel, IN  46051

Please include a note that the donation is to help send someone to Bradford Woods.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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