Lapel Food Pantry to Benefit from Grant

The Lapel Community Food Pantry is one of a number of organizations to benefit from a generous donation by Walmart to the Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana..

Walmart gave a generous grant of $150,000 to the Second Harvest Food Bank which has been spent among a number of East Central non-profit organizations.

With the money that Lapel Community Food Pantry received it has been able to buy a brand new freezer to replace the nearly 30 year old freezer they previously used.

As well as being more energy efficient and easier to clean the new freezer will be able to store more food and lower the cost of running the food pantry.

Previously the Pantry had to turn away frozen food or have employees take items home to store them properly where they would only spoil in the pantry freezer.

In 2011 the pantry received the new freezer via the Walmart's State Giving Plan. This new freezer stores meats and entrees and can hold at least 30 percent more food than the ailing old one. With this new freezer the Food Pantry can now offer a variety of healthy frozen meats, vegetables and other items.

One elderly woman who is a frequent visitor to the pantry commented "A few months ago, I was in a bad plance and could't afford any food after paying for my medications. I was very nervous and ashamed to come and ask for help, but the people that helped me were so kind and generous. I don't know what I would have done without them."

About the Lapel Community Food Pantry

The Lapel Community Food Pantry was started in 2008 by the churches of Lapel, and has served 900 individuals to date.

The pantry allows families one distribution per month, with exceptions made for special circumstances and surpluses of product. No financial information is required.

The pantry has a special interest in children and strives to make sure they have enough healthy food to feed their bodies and minds. They will make a heightened effort this summer while children are out of school and families’ food costs will rise.

Diane Mendenhal (Pantry Directory)l said, “One thing we want people to know is there is no shame in asking for assistance, the shame comes from not asking when the aid is so readily available.”

The pantry is staffed by volunteers, many of whom were or are clients.

The Lapel Community Food Pantry is open every Saturday from 9am- noon and every second and fourth Friday.

Donations are accepted at the pantry during regular hours or at any local church.

Lapel Community Food Pantry is at 1321 Main Street.

According to Second Harvest of East Central Indiana’s website, hunger is a reality for 72,000 people in east central Indiana.

Their website states that 16,986 of those people are from Madison County and the Lapel area.

More Information - Second Harvest Food Bank

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You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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