Speed Creek 2 might encroach Town Land

A recent enquiry into purchasing the Speed Creek 2 Go-Kart Track by an Alexandria resident has led to the discovery that the Track may actually have been extended onto land owned by the Town of Lapel.

The Speed Creek 2 Track is built on land that was obtained from a Sheriffs sale a number of years ago. Aerial photos and lot information obtained by Bobby from Alexiandria seem to indicate that the Track now sits on part of the land the Town uses to store waste materials such as earth and stone that have been excavated and need to be dumped somewhere.

While this claim is still being investigated it poses a number of problems if it holds true:

  • Does the Town wish to Sell/Lease the land to Speed Creek 2
  • The Land the Town holds was formerly a Junk Yard and there may be all kinds of materials at that location that would need to be correctly cleaned up.
  • If the Land is transferred then it could cost a lot of money to clean up any hazardous materials and who is responsible for paying that? - The Town or the owners or the prospective new owners?
  • If the Town does wish to sell the land it will have to be done publically and there is no guarantee it will sell to the owners of the Race Track.

Anyway you look at it this is an interesting development. Of course it may turn out that the land is not owned by the Town as some of the older propery line maps and diagrams use less accurate methods than are used today.

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