Fire Board Unanimously Approves Fire House Development

A special meeting was held last night at the Masonic Lodge. With members from the Fire Board, KrM architects and the Volunteers from the Lapel Fire Department. The topic of discussion was the new Fire House development.

Connie and Todd Sears showcased photos from Dunkirk fire station, which was built around 2 years ago at a cost of $619,000.

The Dunkirk Fire Department had also loaned the Lapel Fire Department the plans to the station to see if it would help.

While having existing plans does bypass the need to make your own plans there are some parts of these existing plans that the Fire Department would need to change, the Fire Chief of Dunkirk Fire Department even mentioned that they do not have enough storage space and that there is no exhaust system in the building they had made. Both of which would need to be added to any plans we base our Fire House on.

The Fire Board approved a proposal from KrM to come up with 3 designs:

  • A perfect "what if" plan.
  • A middle of the range budget saving plan.
  • A budget pleasing low plan.

KrM will work with the Fire Board and volunteers from the Fire Department to come up with these three plans with the custom features the Lapel Fire Department needs.

This proposal was approved at a cost of $3,500 to the Fire Board. This is only part of the planning phase, any plans and diagrams formulated with KrM may lead to a final series of plans in the future or the Fire Board may choose to use another architect firm to draft up the specification book needed to be sent out to bidders.

Tony Pearson also mentioned that due to the location of the new Fire House with its proximity to the High School the cost of construction may be higher because there are laws in place that will require drug tests and the extra vetting of construction firms and their workers.

"In my opinion it is fine to start" said Jim Bauers.

After a quick vote the board was agreed and the motion carried!

Next up the Fire Department is hosting a Dan`s Fish Fry this coming Saturday (3rd September at 5pm). All proceeds will go to the new Fire House!

Show up and help support the brave people that put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis.


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