Lapel Police Chief Barnes Announces Retirement

, photo(s) Photo of Chief Barnes (left) and Lindsay Washmuth

LAPEL, IN - Michael Barnes has served the Lapel Community in one role or another since 1991. He is now retiring from the Lapel Police Department.

Barnes was made Police Chief in February 2016 but due to health problems and a desire to spend more time with his family he informed the Town Council at the meeting on May 18th 2017 that he would be retiring.

He was in a reflective mood last night as he spoke about missing seeing his children grow up, his wish to spend more time with his children and wife.

He added that he knew the time to step down was when he felt like his "body and heart were not in it" and that time is now.

Captain Ryan Daniels will be promoted to Chief of Police effective July 1st and will undergo Chief Training.

He offered to continue as Chief until Daniels is ready to take over.


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