Swayzee Communications President Explains Plans and Fiber to the Home

LAPEL, IN - Tim Miles the President of Swayzee Communications attended the Town Meeting last night at the Eagles to explain his vision of the future for Internet in Lapel.

Miles explained his long-term plans to the Town Council and they sound pretty amazing compared to current Internet speeds.

Miles bought Longview out in 2010 and has been using their existing Coaxial cable system ever since. His ambitious plans involve updating all of the Swayzee lines from coaxial cable to fiber.

In simple terms this means faster internet will be coming, the down side is that they will be replacing all the old cable with new cable and they will start by Spring 2018 with a plan to be done at the latest in 2019.

At launch speeds of up to 1GB per second will be available. That is 100 times faster than the average speed of internet in Lapel currently. Bringing us up to internet speeds comparable to other larger Towns in the area.

Pricing will range from $29.99 for 10MB and upwards.

TV and Internet will still be available.

For more information and to see pricing check out http://www.fiberhawk.com/wordpress/

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