Bulldog Park Progress and Donation Request

LAPEL, IN - Activity has started to ramp up at the site of the latest park in Lapel.

The weather has not been helpful so far, this year. Although progress is still being made between storms and cold snaps.

The Park has been partially seeded, the grass should help control erosion along the drainage ditches and dry retention pond. Which is needed with the heavy rainfall we have seen so far, this month.

The dugouts are now finished, work is still ongoing to construct the concession stand and toilet block in the middle of the four ball fields.

In the next few months many of these projects will be completed "weather permitting".

While there is still a lot to do, it seems likely that this new park will be completed before the end of the year and the Park Department will finally have a revenue source that could potentially fund upgrades at all of the Parks in Lapel.

The Park Department still needs help to complete this project, if you would like to donate money, services, or building supplies towards this ambitious project please contact the Lapel Parks Department. 

Email: parks@lapelindiana.org


Progress is being made on Bulldog Park. For years Lapel Parks & Recreation has existed on a shoestring budget. Improving the parks is VERY expensive. Just one piece of playground equipment can cost $10,000 - $15,000 installed.

For a number of years the Lapel Parks Department had been seeking grants to fund projects and were lucky enough to receive a DNR matching funds grant for $200,000.

This money has been used in the development of Bulldog Park, a 4 ball-diamond complex, with concession stand, walking path, and plenty of parking.

Once completed this park will potentially generate revenue for the Town of Lapel Parks Department through hosting events, and the Girls Softball and Boys Baseball leagues in Lapel.

This money will then be used to fund updates to ALL of the Parks in Lapel.

The Parks Department is hoping for a few more donations from local organizations, businesses and/or individuals to help finish some things.

In particular they will need building materials to complete a 2 story concession building. People with building experience that may want to volunteer time and/services to help build the building would I am sure be greatly appreciated.

Donations of money would help too. - Daniel Paull, Stony Creek Lifestyle Editor.

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