Town Council to Rethink Backhoe Purchase

LAPEL, IN - At a special Town Council Meeting on April 27th, the Lapel Town Council discussed replacing the Backhoe.

After receiving bids previously for used backhoes, representatives of the Town checked out the machines on offer this past week in person and found them largely lacking.

The bid request sent out by the Town had asked for bids for used backhoes with approximately 3,000 hours on them.

One particular machine that was suggested had over 4,000 hours on the clock and in the words of Town Council member Dave Taylor was "junk".

Another one of the bids has a backhoe that had already been sold.

The Town Council rejected all of the bids received and will instead advertise for new bids for a brand-new backhoe with options for extended warranties.

Council Member Lindsay Washmuth wanted more to be done towards maintaining existing equipment so that it lasts longer in future.

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