Lapel Park Department Excited By Budget Increase

LAPEL, IN - The Lapel Parks Department recently discovered they would be getting a bumper Park Budget this year.

The $51,458.68 Park Budget for 2017 is almost double the budget for 2016 and includes $18,000 for employee compensation to cover the cost of mowing Bulldog Park and all the other parks in the Town of Lapel. Last year $5,300 went towards paying for grass to be mowed at the Parks.

Bill Hutton (Park President) believes as the new Park is not yet finished that only part of the employee compensation budget will be used and hopefully the Park Department can re-appropriate it for other projects.

The Park Board discussed the new Park and their need to find someone to provide grass seed and a way to spread it evenly over the 10-acre parcel of land. 

They also discussed different options for backstops for each of the four ball diamonds with one quote at $5,000 per backstop deemed too high for the budget.

If you would like to donate money or services towards Bulldog Park which is largely being built using a grant from DNR please contact the Lapel Parks department at 

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