Town Pushing for Green Initiative

LAPEL, IN - Town Council president Michael Cates asked council members if they would be interested in him looking for grants to fund Solar systems for all the Town infrastructure.

Cates stated he was hoping to get USDA grants to cover the cost of solar systems at Town Hall, the Police Station, Utility building and Sewer plant.

He said that the Town paid over $7,000 in electric bills last month and while the average monthly bill for the Town is closer to $5,000 he wanted to try to get all the electrical needs covered by solar in the future.

The council members present had no objections to considering grants for solar systems.

In other news Gary Shuck (Planning Board President) informed the board that Adam D`Angelo had contacted the Town about scaling back his plans and re-designing the proposed apartment complex dubbed Pleasantville to be more like homes or condos. 

It sounds like the public hearing scheduled for February 2nd at 7pm will likely be cancelled due to these changes. Although Town Hall will need to confirm this after checking with D`Angelo.


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