Town Council Keeps Officers Changes Meeting Schedule

LAPEL, IN - The Town Council voted to keep the same officers as 2016. That means Michael Cates continues as president of the Council.

Lindsay Washmuth will remain as vice president of the Council.

The Council also approved a motion by Cates to give Cates full oversight over the Utility department. Previously both Michael Cates and Council member Dave Taylor were liaisons to the Utility department. Dave Taylor was also liaison to the Parks department and this will not change. 

Both Michael Cates and Lindsay Washmuth commented that they think Dave Taylor is the person needed to assist the Parks Department in completing Bulldog Park on the West side of Town.

In a surprise move the Town Council also voted to return to a single meeting per month schedule for the Town Council. 

“Seems like sometimes we don’t have a lot going on,” said president Michael Cates.

From now on the Town Council will meet on the third Thursday of every month. With special meetings scheduled in-between if needed.

The exception to this change is that the first meeting of February will still go ahead as planned as there was already a Public Hearing announced for the PleasantView apartment complex on February 2nd.

In other news:

Both the Town of Lapel and the County have agreed that the Town of Lapel now contains 26.273 miles of roads that the Town is responsible for maintaining.

The Town of Lapel Clerk/Treasurer Paula Lee applied for a Food and Beverage Grant to help with Road repairs in Lapel and the Town received $10,000 which will hardly put a dent in the millions of dollars needed for the additional roads annexed in the "Green Annexation".

The Board of Zoning Appeals is down to 2 active members and Deb Wainscott (Council Member) has approached three residents to fill the 3 vacant spots. With Pam Shuck, Ron Nunley and Tim Munro the approached residents.

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