2016: A Year In Review

, photo(s) Lisa Ricketts / Jeffersonville

LAPEL, IN - As we count down to 2017 we went back through our many articles from 2016 to find the most popular and remind you of the hottest news of 2016.

The residents of Lapel love our Police Department, many articles in 2016 about the Police were hugely popular.

The most popular was our story on Mike Barnes being promoted from Captain to interim Police Chief as Chief Dennis Molina retired and then permanently Here.

Other Police articles that ranked in the top articles were:

Lapel Police Department Attributes Rise in Police Calls to Annexation
Patrolman Hosier Receives Citation for Residential Fire Response

In other news who could forget the Lapel Bulldogs winning Regionals.

Or the I-69 Major Moves project that brought major changes to I69.

Our story on a potential Indy 500 Princess from Lapel also proved popular.

We covered sad news as well as happy news and one article that covered both of those things was our story on Kristopher Washmuth and our ruck for veterans in Jeffersonville.

A story that we broke in the last few weeks even made it onto our most popular stories for 2016.

Whether you loved 2016 or will be glad to see the back of it we look forward to seeing what 2017 brings and sharing the news with you our readers!


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