Pleasantview Property to Get Zoning Hearing

LAPEL, IN - The Town Council listened to Adam D`Angelo last night as he explained further plans for the Pleasantview Development.

D`Angelo asked the Town for permission to re-zone part of the 4-acre parcel on the East side of Town from Agricultural to multi-family residential which if approved will allow him to take plans back to the Planning board for his end goal of building up to 60 apartments on that property.

There was some confusion when various members of the Town Council and the Planning Board couldn't decide whether he needed Planning Board approval to request a re-zone or not. D'Angelo stated he had spoken with Bill Byer (Town Attorney) and been told that he could move forward with re-zoning without Planning Board permission.

The Town agreed to hold a public hearing on re-zoning during the February 2nd regular Town Meeting.

D'Angelo also informed the Town he was still tweaking the plans for the development and was looking at making some aesthetic changes such as adding brick to make the buildings look nicer. 

Gary Shuck (Planning Board) informed the Town Council that they were still trying to get ahold of the engineering firm the town has on retainer to have them look over the plans and make sure things like drainage are handled adequately.

There was also some discussion on whether the development should pay higher impact fees, how the water meters should work whether there should be one water meter for the whole property or one meter for each unit on the property.


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