December 1st Town Meeting Roundup

LAPEL, IN - The Town Council held its first meeting of the month on December 1st at the Eagles building on 9th St. The following article is a roundup of that meeting.

The Town Council received a "Collection" notice from an incident in July when the Lapel Stony Creek Township Fire Territory was called out due to a gas line being hit at Central Park during construction. The Town Council paid the bill and have records showing the check was deposited in September and will dispute the bill.

Earlier in the year the Town Council pledged to donate $900 to the LCA from funds the South Madison Community Foundation manages only to find that the fund in question can only be donated to the School system. The Town Council will look at changing the contract they have with SMCF to allow the funds to go to any charity related to Lapel and will still send $900 to the LCA from other funds.

The Town Council discussed options for purchasing a used dump truck. They ultimately decided the $59,000 price tag was too much and are concerned the DLGF may be critical of the amount the Town has spent this year and conduct an audit.

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