Town Council Improves Road Safety

LAPEL, IN - One of the main talking points of the Town Meeting on November 3rd turned out to once again be road safety.

Town attorney Bill Byer performed the first reading of the new weight limit ordinance for Main St. The new ordinance limits Main St to vehicles of less than 26,000lbs.

This includes no semi-trucks, no construction equipment over 26,000lbs.

It does however exclude all emergency/public safety vehicles and vehicles making local deliveries that can otherwise not use other streets to do so.

In addition, concerned citizen Vanessa Rose notified the Town Council that motorists are not following the speed limit on Erie Street. She asked the Council to install a new speed limit sign in the area or speed control measures.

After a short discussion, the Town Council voted to install an All Way Stop sign on Erie and 3rd Street at what will become the local entrance to Bulldog Park. The plan being that people will need to slow down for the stop sign and this will limit them from speeding on Erie.

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