Roudebush Mini-grants Awarded to Lapel Elementary School

, photo(s) Tammy Bowman / SMCF

LAPEL, IN - Peg Roudebush established a fund at the South Madison Community Foundation to help equip Lapel Elementary School teachers in the specialized tools of their trade.

The Roudebush Teacher Mini-Grants are historically made in increments of $100 or less. 2016 awards were presented this week with the help of Peg’s neice, Marjorie Gimple. 

Mini grants went to:

Brandi Horne/Pre-K: constructive playthings including a hopscotch carpet and a set of 12 wrist ribbons and “Ribbons & Rhythms” CD will increase locomotor and non-locomotor skills during indoor recess. Skills can be performed alone or with a partner and equipment may be shared among all three pre-K classes.

Nicki Vibbert/Pre-K: Lego base plates will be installed vertically, forming a 46” x 46” base for Lego creations. Students will be able work cooperatively on their designs and will be able to leave their work in progress for completion at another time. The base plates will complement a set of 1500 legos, requested through another source.

Amy Lehmen/K: two new stick-and-stack sets of manipulatives will make math lessons fun for kindergarten students and will create a setting that will lead to discoveries about concepts both simple and complex.

Nancy Beard/1st grade: 7 new magnetic white boards will be used in centers and small groups for sight word recognition and math practice. They will also be used in conjunction with a new set of story sequencing tiles that will help students in recognizing cohesive story sequences and in constructing stories of their own.

Stacey Brown/1st grade: Three new bins of STEM focused activities will be created using Sticky Tack, dixie cups, corks, foil, straws, and building blocks. Labels and instructions will be included with each box so students will use the items in ways that will meet multiple state standards. Over time, the bins will be shared across all first grade classrooms.

Ryan Scott/1st grade: A write and wipe chart stand on rolling casters is a versatile tool for large and small group instruction and should last for many years.

Nicole Pinkerton/2nd grade: A complete 40 game math library features color coded games that will help students reinforce math skills, working at their own pace toward skill mastery.

Kitty Simpson/2nd grade: An 8 drawer mobile organizer/rolling cart will help students and their teacher manage small groups of students in reading and writing. Materials will be student-height and ready to go during each small groups’ instruction time.

Tiffany Smith/3rd grade: switching from primary instruction in social studies and science to math requires a teacher to build a stock of manipulatives so students can use physical objects to help them solve math problems. Third grade students will use number tiles, dominoes, base ten sets, number bean bags, place value discs, and foam dice in their lessons.

Amanda Russo/ K-6 Art Teacher: Students will use significantly less paper once they have access to dry erase boards, markers, and erasers. For instance, the boards can be used for sketching project ideas or used in conjunction with new “How To Draw” books. Other new art-related books will incorporate literacy into the art curriculum.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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