Town Council Looking to Purchase New Vehicles

LAPEL, IN - At the April 7th Meeting the Town Council discussed beginning the process of purchasing new Utility and Police vehicles.

Michael Cates (President) informed the Town Council that at least two of the Utility Department Trucks are in a bad way. For now, it seems they are all still drivable BUT worryingly one of the trucks is now being left outside and not in the Utility Building due to a potential fire risk.

Cates will now begin the process of investigating options for buying new Utility Vehicles after finding out how much money is available in Town funds to pay for them.

Cates also informed the Town Council that Chief Barnes has begun looking into new Police Vehicles. The Town has been using a fleet of four vehicles purchased about two years ago (used) but they are starting to experience problems.

The four police cars are approximately five years old now and were bought for a total price of $41,000 with each car having around 38,000 miles on the clock.

No specific discussion was held on which vehicles they would try to replace and whether they would replace the Police Truck as well.

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