BridgeMaxx Wireless Internet Coverage Extended in Lapel

LAPEL, IN - BridgeMAXX Wireless Internet in combination with a Lapel resident has installed additional hardware on Myrtle Drive in Lapel that should boost the Internet signal to Montgomery Farms and Brookside Additions and additions houses on South side.

BridgeMaxx offers comparable internet download speeds to CenturyLink with faster upload speeds.

Our experience of BridgeMaxx has been good with very little downtime.

If you ever find yourself uploading photos to Facebook you will find that the faster upload speed from BridgeMaxx will make those uploads complete much quicker than they would have done on CenturyLink.

If you are unhappy with your CenturyLink internet and have been looking for something new, then I would suggest giving BridgeMaxx as try.

Daniel Paull / Stony Creek Lifestyle Owner and BridgeMAXX user.

CenturyLink was previously contacted about supplying internet and phone services to the 30 new houses going in at Brookside II and declined to install services. BridgeMaxx should now be able to cover that new area and supply what is an essential service to many people in our modern world.

You can find more information on this business at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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