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PENDLETON, IN - More than 20 years ago, Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment Inc.  began helping counties throughout Indiana establish or enhance community foundations by providing matching grants that challenged local communities to invest in themselves.

Most recently, Lilly Endowment awarded the South Madison Community Foundation a $250,000 matching grant. Stipulations for earning the match fall into two categories with differing match values:

- Contributions to existing designated endowments earn a 50-cent match for each dollar

*Up to $125,000 may be matched by raising $250,000

- Contributions to the unrestricted “Bright Future Fund” earn a dollar-for-dollar match

*At least $125,000 must be matched by raising $125,000

Lilly Endowment set a nineteen-month time frame for communities to meet their matching requirements.  Kathi Meyer, President of the Board of Directors, marked the first year of South Madison Community Foundation’s campaign by sharing a campaign progress report with the community.  “In 2014, the board of directors began a campaign to raise $375,000 in local contributions to satisfy the Lilly Endowment challenge grant. I’m happy to report that we have made significant progress toward our target. As of today we have raised $333,729 toward the goal.”

Foundation executive director Lisa Floyd congratulated the community on its early campaign support. “Donors to the Community Foundation are committed to supporting local people and places not just today, but forever,” Floyd said.  “Their investments will be returned to the community through grants and scholarships this year, next year and every year thereafter.  Once the goal is met, new Foundation funds will produce an additional $25,000 in community support every single year.”

Not limited to any narrow purpose or single beneficiary, grants from the “Bright Future Fund” can be applied to any future need or emerging opportunity.  Floyd explained, “The Bright Future Fund is our community’s way of saying that we can’t predict the future. But we can plan and prepare for it. We can invest today to address the needs of current and future generations.” 

The matching grant program will continue through March 31, 2016. The remaining months offer an opportunity to see your donation immediately doubled by the matching grant. There are many ways to help meet the match:

-  Cash, check, credit card or online donation, either immediate or by installment.

-  Any irrevocable gift, such as real estate or personal property, marketable securities, charitable remainder trusts, or permanent life insurance.

- Pledges signed now and paid in full by the campaign’s close.

To learn more about the Foundation, its work in the community or to arrange a personal conversation or group presentation, please call 778-8444, email Lisa Floyd, visit, or follow South Madison Community Foundation on Facebook.

The South Madison Community Foundation serves Adams, Fall Creek, Green and Stony Creek townships – including the towns of Ingalls, Lapel, Markleville and Pendleton. The South Madison Community Foundation has been raising, investing and granting dollars since 1992. 

Community Foundations are nonprofit organizations, led by local volunteer boards of directors, which raise tax-deductible contributions from within their communities and invest the dollars prudently. From the earnings on those investments, they award grants that address community needs.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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