BridgeMAXX Unveils High Speed Internet for Lapel

LAPEL, IN – BridgeMAXX (formerly ZigWireless) completed the installation of hardware on the Town of Lapel’s Water Tower early in May. BridgeMAXX is now ready to accept new customers from Lapel and the surrounding areas.

BridgeMAXX offers high speed internet plans ranging in speeds from 2mbps to 10mbps with offerings for both residential and commercial customers.

With NO data caps Lapel finally has a service to compete with CenturyLink and Swayzee in providing high speed internet to the residents of Lapel.

BridgeMAXX has provided Wireless internet services to other Indiana communities for a number of years and looks forward to serving Lapel.

Contact 1-888-295-3424 today to check availability and plan options.

You can find more information on this business at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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