Lapel Optimist Quarterback Club

LAPEL, IN - The Lapel Quarterback Club was formed in the summer of 2014 with three core purposes.

The Lapel Quarterback Club was formed in the summer of 2014 with the following purposes:

  1. To raise money to build a multi-sport locker room at Lapel High School.  Depending on the amount of money raised, the building may also include storage for the maintenance department.  In return, this will allow the Agriculture classes to have their own “Live Experience” lab area, housing cattle, pig, sheep and other live animals.  The locker room will serve baseball, softball, tennis, football, and the possibility of adding a practice area for the wrestling team is being explored.  It will also provide public restrooms to the softball, baseball, and tennis area.
  2. Help connect alumni.  Alumni have been where you are, and they're often interested in where you're headed. This will give us every opportunity to network with and learn from Lapel alumni.
  3. To help offset the cost of future Lapel football players K-12, once the locker room project is complete.

What are we asking………………….

  1. If you know of any businesses or people that would be willing to donate to the project, let us know or pass the word along to them how to do it.

  2. Donate yourself.  Every little bit helps.  If you could afford to donate $20, $50, $100, $500, etc

  3. All donations are tax-deductible, as it is a non-profit group.  If you have any connections in the the construction industry, the services donated are also tax-deductible.

How to donate……..

  1. Go to and click on Quarterback Club.  You can donate their using any major credit/bank card or by using PayPal.  

  2. Mail checks (made out to Lapel Quarterback Club) to:

Tim Miller

3062 Hawthorn Drive

Lapel, IN 46051

If you have any questions regarding the project feel free to contact:

Coach Miller


You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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