Lapel Community Association Considering Extending Saturday Fair Hours

LAPEL, IN - At the first LCA meeting since the Lapel Village Fair on Wednesday 6th July the LCA discussed the success of the July Village Fair and possible changes for next year.

Everyone seemed happy with the change from the three day schedule to a shortened two day schedule. Although they did discuss changing the closing time from 8pm to possible 9:30pm or later. 

Gary Shuck said that the "Lapel Police Department want Main Street opened by midnight" so the LCA could not have the Fair go any later than 9pm or 10pm and still have time for the Vendors to pack up and leave and the Town utility workers to run the street sweeper through Main Street.

Some of the Food Vendors need an hour or two for their grease to cool down before it can be transported and have a lot of work to do to clean up before leaving.

The LCA believes Doug Anderson WILL be back next year for another concert, although it is still very early days they thought extending the hours would benefit the concert.

LCA members also discussed making room for more Food Vendors at the south end of Main Street after Gary and Pam Shuck (while at another festival) had received complaints from Madison County based food vendors unhappy that there were not more food vendor spots available.

The majority of the Food Vendors pre-paid this year after having a good Lapel Fair year so there are very few food spots available for next year.

Margo Sink commented that in the past when they have tried to accommodate more food vendors the ones on the south end always complain that they do not get enough business.

LCA members were concerned that some people in the Lapel Village Fair Parade were riding ATVs in a dangerous manner during the parade and they want to ensure that next year everyone driving a motorized vehicle is properly licensed.

There are new concerns that a possible Department of Homeland Security fee of $500 for festival tents could mean that the person who provides the tents may be forced out of business and they will have to look for a new provider in 2015.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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