Open Hearts, Open Purses Convenes, Funds “Project Suds”

PENDLETON, IN - On its fifth anniversary, the Open Hearts, Open Purses giving circle convened to listen to project pitches from three local organizations seeking needed funds for important community projects.

At the conclusion of the presentations, all 137 “OHOP” members voted for their choice to take home a $10,000 OHOP grant. The final count of ballots revealed this year’s OHOP grant winner, the Pendleton Community Public Library, which will use the grant to expand its Read-n-Feed outreach to include personal and household cleaning supplies. The project expansion is known as “Project Suds.”

In her presentation, Lynn Hobbs, Director of the Pendleton Community Public Library, shared stories of encounters with patrons of the Read-n-Feed trailer, which visits multiple locations each Thursday to serve patrons with library materials and food staples. “Our patrons who rely on Read-n-Feed need help to make their food supply last from week to week. If you’re struggling to provide enough food for your family, the ability to supply the household with notably more expensive cleansing and sanitary products is unlikely. As a result, your confidence is diminished and the world treats you differently.”

Annual membership in the OHOP giving circle is open to women who contribute at least $100 to the OHOP Fund established at the South Madison Community Foundation. The contributions are pooled and awarded once each year. $1500 grants were made to each of two other finalists, the Flagship Enterprise Center (to expand the benefits of microlending to South Madison County) and the Pendleton YMCA (for Sports Floor replacement).

Open Hearts, Open Purses is a community engagement initiative of the South Madison Community Foundation. Executive Director Lisa Floyd said, “The Foundation believes in meeting today’s needs while also building a sustainable model for future giving. That’s why the OHOP giving circle has also established an endowment that will eventually grow to provide income for future grants.” The OHOP Endowment has now surpassed $10,000, primarily from the silent auction held during each annual award night and through many “Member Plus” donations over $100.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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