Five Madison County FAFSA Days Set

February will present five opportunities for Madison County families to work directly with a representative of the National Center for College Costs on the Free Application for FAFSA.

The FAFSA is a requirement for all students who are seeking federal, state, or institutional financial aid to assist with college costs.

Last year, the National Center for College Costs held 50 FAFSA days throughout Indiana, helping students and families claim over $10 million in financial aid. In Madison County, average aid for each student was $6,522.

Dave Murray, President of the National Center for College Costs, said, “Since 1999, our organization has provided individualized programs and services that help students and parents prepare for college of all kinds. We design our programs to complement the work done by guidance counselors and others who work with students as they prepare for higher education.”

The South Madison Community Foundation has been a long time sponsor of FAFSA days. Executive Director Lisa Floyd said, “Government forms can be really intimidating, especially when the potential financial impact is so great. Our FAFSA days incorporate hands on computer labs and direct staff support by people who know their way around higher education funding. This really eliminates the fear factor from the FAFSA.”

Because of the specialized service offered by the staff of the National Center for College Costs, students and their families have a much clearer picture of which colleges are apt to work best financially for each situation.

Families with a member planning to attend college during the next school year may attend any one of the following FAFSA days:

  • Wednesday, Feb 5 (10am-7pm) Lapel High School
  • Tuesday, Feb 11 (10am-7pm) Pendleton-Heights High School
  • Monday, Feb 17 (10am-7pm) Ivy Tech Community College (6061 N. SR 9)
  • Wednesday Feb 19 (10am-7pm) Hinds Career Center, Elwood
  • Monday, Feb 24 (7:30am-7pm) Anderson High School

For more information about FAFSA days, contact the National Center for College Costs toll free at 877.687.7291.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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