2013 Roudebush Mini-Grant Recipients

, photo(s) Tammy Bowman

Peg Roudebush established a fund at the South Madison Community Foundation to help equip Lapel Elementary School teachers in the specialized tools of their trade. The Roudebush Teacher Mini-Grants are historically made in increments of $100 or less.

The amount available to teachers each year varies based on the performance of the fund’s investment earnings: to grow the fund and its earnings for future years, individuals may contribute to the fund through the South Madison Community Foundation.  

  • Nancy Beard/Preschool: to purchase a set of 4 multi-ethnic dolls and their clothing for the Home Living area of the classroom. Used to teach cooperation in dramatic play.
  • Cathy Boone/5th grade: to purchase 26 Webster’s Thesaurus for the students.
  • Brandi Carpenter/Preschool: to purchase Zoob Builders, Dress-to-Nest Dolls and Bristle Builders; all used to help students strengthen their fine motor control.
  • Amy Crandall/5th grade: to purchase science materials for 85 students and 14 lab stations
  • Holly Manning/K-5 Special Ed: purchasing adaptive equipment for special-needs students; Legos, beverage holders, a laminator for desk/folder signs, headphones to cut down on overstimulating noise, loop scissors.
  • Nicole Pinkerton/2nd grade: purchasing recharging hubs for the classroom supply of donated MP3 players. Students use the MP3 players to listen to stories for comprehension, proper pronunciation and retelling.
  • Gay Scott/Kindergarten: to purchase books that enable the students to recognize/read 90% of the words contained in them. The books address alphabet, rhyming, sight words, etc.
  • Pam Shuck/5th grade: to cover the cost of postage for Pen Pal correspondence with a middle school class in Japan.
  • Margie Sturgeon/3rd grade: purchasing MP3 players and Cricut Cartridges. The students will listen to stories (for proficiency & fluency) and then cut objects of various shapes to correspond with the stories for use towards their creative writing.

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You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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