Grain Safety Training via SMCF and Purdue University

A glance at the South Madison County countryside shows fields bursting with grain, and grain bins waiting to be filled with this year’s harvest. On August 24, before the harvest begins in full, the South Madison Community Foundation will sponsor a training program in grain storage safety.

The eight hour class will provide public safety personnel, grain elevator employees, and farm operators with a better understanding of strategies for preventing and responding to grain-storage entrapments. Demonstrations and hands on experiences will be provided by Steve Wettschurack of Purdue University. The training will count toward up to eight hours of in-service or continuing education credit.

The South Madison Community Foundation will underwrite the $85 participant fee of registered participants living or working in the South Madison area. The funds are provided by the “Future of Agriculture Fund”, built by local farmers who have donated the proceeds of a portion of their harvested grain. Past contributors to the “Future of Agriculture Fund” include, Smith Family Farms, Mr. Gerald Riffey, Mr. Melvin Riffey, Mr. Joe Kinnard, and the Pendleton Farmer’s Market Association.

For registration details for the August 24 training, please visit or contact SMCF office at 778-8444.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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