Lapel Community Association Hoping to Complete Street Lights

LCA members Neal Whisman and Gary Shuck raised the idea of completing the street lights on the south side of Main St.

About 8 years ago the Lapel Community Association installed 31 lights on Main St at a cost of over $31,000. These lights ended at SR13 but the plan was to install more along south Main St all the way to Memorial Park.

This part of the project is considered Phase III and will involve installing 7 or more new lights from the corner of Main St and SR13 to the south.

Whisman commented that he would like a plaque on the first one that is installed to be dedicated to Doug Rich a long time L.C.A member who recently passed away after a long battle with illness.

Whisman will research the price to install the new lights while other members will check to see how much it will cost to purchase the light poles and hardware.

Each of the existing light poles were dedicated with plaques sponsored by Lapel residents, so if anyone is interested in having a plaque on the new light poles now would be a good time to contact the L.C.A, as there will be approximately 6 of these available.

The Lapel Community Association also discussed replacing some of the existing plaques that had become tarnished with age, more research will be done on this before a decision is made.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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