Lapel Marching Bulldogs Placed 26th Out of Over 40 Competing Bands

, photo(s) Stony Creek Lifestyle from Village Fair

The Lapel Marching Bulldogs performed with their usual mix of heart and soul at the Indiana State Fair Band Day but failed to secure a place in the Finals as only the top 16 made it through the preliminaries.

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Greg Scott the LHS Band Director has very generously provided us with a write up of the State Fair Band Day from his perspective.

Officially the Bulldogs placed 26th out of 44 bands.

Unofficially, the Bulldogs received the loudest positive reaction from the grandstand audience of any band during the preliminary contest.

The 37 member band and 10 member guard students performed extremely well. 

Trumpet soloist, Sherandan Hill, wowed the crowd with her rendition of "Yesterday", as guard member, Zoe Betts performed an elegant flag routine.

At the same time, guard member, Hannah Brinson, and Tenor Saxophonist, Mason Hiatt staged a short melodrama.

When the band started up "Dance to the Music", the crowd really went crazy.  A fun, exciting show for all.  Drum Majors, Noah Nicholson, Robert Steele, and Michaela DeGraf, proudly let the band - each taking a turn directing one song.

Lapel Band Boosters were very supportive during the day, providing lunch and helping get everything organized and ready for the late afternoon show.

Band Director, Greg Scott, felt the goal of the summer band program was accomplished as the audience roared its approval when the show was complete.

Lapel Community members who were not able to see the show yet, make sure you get to halftime of the August 30 Football game at LHS against Frankton HS

Congratulations Marching Bulldogs on representing Lapel at the State Fair and giving the crowd a great performance. 

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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