Town of Lapel to Investigate Credit Card Utility Payment

Council Member Tim Munro raised the issue of Credit Card payments at the Town Meeting on August 1st. He would like the Town of Lapel to seriously look into accepting Credit and Debit Card payments for Town Utilities.

Currently Lapel residents have to pay with cash or a check. While other communities have the ability to pay utility bills online through a Payment Portal that supports Credit Card payments currently Lapel does not.

Tom Tudor (Town Treasurer) is concerned that such a service would require a lot of expensive fees and be too cost prohibitive for the Town to handle.

Daniel Paull (Town Website Administrator) suggested there are several services now that charge a percentage of the amount being billed as a fee and it would be possible for the Town to set something similar up or have a flat fee for Credit Card payments.

Several of the Town Council members expressed an interest but wondered if there would be enough demand in Lapel to make this a viable addition.

Tim Munro is to investigate further and report back.

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