Lapel Community Association Expected to Change Lapel Village Fair Days

The Lapel Community Association is likely to announce later this year that the Lapel Village Fair will now be held on a Friday and Saturday, axing the Sunday events and opening much earlier on Friday.

Herschel and Nancy Hinkle (Members of the LCA) were present at the Town Meeting on Thursday (18th July) to discuss proposals with the Town Council to find out if they had any objections.

New proposals would include closing Main St on Friday from 8am onwards, with Food Vendors likely to be setup and serving food by 9am. Craft and other vendors could then setup from 9am to noon with the Fair considered "open" by noon.

A survey of all of the vendors seems to show they are behind the idea, with many saying that similar days at other fairs always work best.

This proposal comes about due to the fact that the Fair is always extremely popular on Friday evening and Saturday, but dips down on Sunday with a lot of vendors packing up and leaving Saturday night.

It is hoped that the change in schedule will create 2 extremely popular days and attract more vendors, and a lot more people. With many people already in town on Friday for rummage sales.

When the council members were asked they commented as follows:

Clay Parkison thought it was a good idea.

Deb Wainscott agreed as business was always bad on Sunday.

Tim Munro questioned whether this would have any impact on other business in Town such as the Lapel Bulldog Corner and the Lapel Laundry / Car Wash.

Nancy Hinkle commented that many local businesses such as Salvage Sisters had a big boost in sales during the Village Fair.

Tom Tudor the owner of Lapel Laundry considered the reduction in income over the Lapel Village Fair weekend as his contribution to the fair and deferred the decision to the Town Council.

Overall the Town Council thought it was a good idea and they did not have any objections to the plan.

There is still a lot of discussions to be had over this proposal and I am sure the Lapel Community Association will hammer out the details in the coming months.

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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