Animal Adoptions (October)

The Lapel Animal Clinic has 3 cats up for adoption as of October 4th 2010.

Kitten 1
This is Kitten 1.  She is 12 weeks old and is a tortie/tiger color with pretty eyeliner.  She is very playful.  She has had first deworming and first vaccines.

Kitten One - Adoption

Kitten 2
This handsome kitty got into a town trap.  He is neutered, medium/long haired red/gold/orange tiger.  He is adorable and gives head bumps.  The black by his nose is a scab from the cage, not permanent.  Very sweet, has had deworming and flea prevention and vaccines.

Kitten Two - Adoption

Mama Cat
This is Mama Cat.   She came in with 4 beautiful babies and was a great mom.  She is now spayed, vaccinated, and ready to be your kitty.  She is not crazy about dogs


Mama Cat - Adoption

You can find more information on this business at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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