LCSP Saves Lapel Money in Tree Felling Costs

While the weather this Saturday was lousy the kids and adults that made up the Lapel Community Service Program were out and about and hard at work.

Strong storms had passed through Lapel on Friday night, and left minimal damage but it was still raining on Saturday morning.

Bob Kowalski had his sights set on felling several dead trees including:

  • A dead tree outside Mori's on Woodward Street.
  • A dead fir tree at Memorial Park.

Good thing for Killer one of the guys on the LCSP this week performs this kind of thing for a job, so he was manning the chainsaw while the others hauled limbs and logs.

Without the LCSP doing this work the Town of Lapel would have to hire a company to chop the trees down, which would cost money. With the LCSP doing the work it saves this money to be used for something else.

While working on the trees Killer was alerted to a tree limb that had come down due to the previous night's storm partially blocking a side road near where the LCSP was working, and in no time at all the limb was removed.

The LCSP finished out the day by picking up tree limbs left on the street by homeowners.

For more information on the Lapel Community Service Program and a list of essential items they need please visit

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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