Combined Efforts Lead to Stray Dog Capture

For the past few days the Lapel Police Department has been trying to capture a large black labrador-mix dog that has been roaming around town.

Earlier in the week Captain Mike Barnes attempted to capture the dog but failed, and Madison County Animal Control also had no luck in capturing this stray.

Periodically through the week the same dog has been spotted by town residents, and on more than one occasion by this beady-eyed reporter.

Today however Ryan Daniels (Lapel Police Department), Tim Munro (Town Council Member) and myself attempted to capture it and failed miserably as it just kept moving away from us!

A resident on E 11th St, managed to coax the stray dog into their fenced back yard and trap it allowing Daniels the chance he needed to capture it and take it to Lapel Animal Clinic to be cared for and possibly rehomed.

There is a leash law in Lapel, your dog must be on a leash or inside a fenced in back yard when outside. Please do not let your dog roam free. You may think it is the friendliest dog in the world but do not forget that domesticated dogs still have traits from wild animals and may attack if they feel threatened.

With the warm weather now here many more people are walking to work or school and there is an increased chance of a free range dog encountering a situation that may end badly for those involved.

I would like to thank the Lapel Police Department for their continued efforts to catch this animal and the resident on E 11th St that managed to confine the dog until the Police could arrive.


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