Lapel Community Service Program Cleans Up Compestine Property

The Lapel Community Service Program is busy this morning mowing grass and weed whacking the Compestine property on Woodward St.

Killer asked the Town Council if it would be possible to send out vegetation letters earlier than usual to some properties that are abandoned or it was known that the grass was never going to be mowed.

The Council agreed, and this should lead to some properties getting their grass cut quicker than usual thanks to the Lapel Community Service Program.

Usually the Town waits until the grass is 10 or more inches before sending out a letter, once the letter is sent they do not have to send another one until the following year.

However usually 10inches of grass has grown quite a lot between the time the letter is sent out and the Lapel Community Service Kids actually get around to doing the mowing.

Also it is hard to mow the really long grass with a traditional push mower, and a ride-on mower may encounter something hidden beneath the grass that could be dangerous so getting to some of these properties early may save valuable time and resources later on.

The Lapel Community Service Program was also grateful to Ron Nunley for donating the green and yellow push mower shown in our photos, as you can see it was being put to good use.

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You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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