Melanie Park 2012 Teacher of the Year Visits Lapel Elementary School

The 2012 Teacher of the Year paid a visit to the Lapel Elementary School on Friday April 19th.

Park who is a teacher at Riverview Middle School and teaches Reading Remediation to grades six, seven and eight, was named 2012 Teacher of the Year by the Indiana Department of Education and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett. 

“Melanie’s enthusiasm spills into all aspects of her teaching,” Bennett said at the time of naming her 2012 Teacher of the Year.

While at the Lapel Elementary School Park inspired the students with stories of her visit to see President Obama including a photo of her with the President. She also spoke to the students on how important their teachers are, and used a large gem she had brought with her as a tool to show that all of our teachers are valuable gems.

We understand each teacher received a poem bookmark with a gem attached to remind them of their worth and importance every day to every student.  When she left the boys and girls were giving a standing ovation to their teacher.

We have 3 photos attached to this article which were taken by Cathy Boone who is a teacher at the Elementary School.

  • Melanie with the photo of her and the president.
  • Melanie with her thinking cap on (a brain).
  • Melanie with the large gem.

Park has a blog which showcases her visits to many of Indiana's schools, you can read it here

Source: Pam Shuck

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