Town Approves Bids for Two New Projects

Earlier in the year we reported that the Town of Lapel had around $89,000 remaining from the Water Improvement Project and they were looking to use this money to work on three projects.

  1. Rehabilitate the South Well (along SR13)
  2. Purchase a Portable Generator
  3. Install fencing at the new Water Plant.

At the Town Meeting on April 18th, bids for the first two projects were opened and winning bidders selected.

Well Rehab / Refurbish

  • Bastin Logan, $15626.00
  • Ortman, $24320.00
  • Peerless Midwest. $14300.00

The Town's engineering firm "Commonwealth Engineering" recommended the cheapest bid "Peerless Midwest". This was approved by the Town Council.

Generator / Electrical Work

  • Precision Control, $56,000.00
  • Toric Engineering, $54,710.00
  • Safety Tech, $42,908.00 (generator only)
  • McAllister, $38,200.00 (generator only)
  • Eva Par, $39,715.00 (generator only)

While three bids were lower by a huge margin they were only for the cost of the generator, a lot of electrical work is also needed at the South Well which only two companies provided a combined bid for.

The Town's engineering firm "Commonwealth Engineering" recommended the cheapest combined bid from "Toric Engineering".

This brings the total for both projects to around $70,000 leaving more than enough money to complete the fence around the Water Plant should the Town Council decide to spend the remaining $19,000 on that project and if the two approved projects do not exceed their original bid prices due to change orders.

You can find more information on this business at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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