Lapel Community Association Presents $1,000 to Lapel School Bands

The Lapel Community Association is paying it forward by giving the $1,000 received from a Madison County Community Foundation 'Unexpected Gift' to the Lapel School Bands.

Earlier in the year we reported on a presentation made by the Madison County Community Foundation of $1,000 to the Lapel Community Association.

For more on that story you should read our article "Lapel Community Association Receives Unexpected Gift"

Last night the L.C.A gave away that money in the form of two $500 checks. Presented to Greg Scott last night a check for $500 will go towards the Lapel Elementary School Band and the other check for $500 will go towards the Lapel High School Band.

When asked what he planned to do with the money by Stony Creek Lifestyle, Greg Scott commented that he had plans for both the checks but was rather coy on the details.

The photo above shows Herschel Hinkle (second from right) presenting the checks to Greg Scott, with Bobby Fields present on far right and Pam Jones on the far left. The picture was taken in front of a collage of photos from a recent Marching Band trip to Savannah, GA. We believe the student pictured is Phillip Horstmeyer (second from left).

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You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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