theRiver Easter Egg Drop a Big Success

Despite the cloudy and windy weather conditions there was a big turnout of parents and kids at the Second Annual theRiver Easter Egg Drop.

There were 14,000 eggs already placed out on the field, when the Helicopter flew in from the East and picked up a further 3,000 eggs. Later the helicopter would fly over the field and deposit those eggs leaving a total of 17,000 eggs on the field.

Tyson Priest the Pastor for theRiver thanked everyone for coming and just as he was finished saying "We love you, and god loves you!" the clouds parted briefly and bright sunshine shone down for the first time.

Tyson Priest

As cold as things were the Easter bunny helped spread some cheer by throwing out t-shirts to the audience. There were a few acrobatic catches and happy faces as about a dozen people caught a free t-shirt.

Acrobatic Catch

After the helicopter had deposited the additional eggs it was time for the main event to begin and the kids split into 3 age groups all lined up and the egg hunting fun began!

Easter Egg Hunt

As cold as it was, there were a lot of happy smiling faces and everyone had a good time!

You can find more information on theRiver at their Stony Creek Lifestyle page

You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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