Press Release: LCA Donates to the Lapel Police Department

, photo(s) Stony Creek Lifestyle

On March 18th 2013, the Herschel Hinkle of the Lapel Community Association presented Chief Dennis Molina and the Lapel Police Department with a $600.00 donation to go to the purchase of new batteries for the departments Automated External Defibrillators-AED’s. A much needed helping hand according to Chief Dennis Molina.

“With all the demands put on small town budgets, sometimes there is just not enough money.  The community association came to us asking about our AED’s and how they could help.  We appreciate this very much,”  says Chief Molina.

The Lapel Police Department has two AED’s that are carried in the patrol cars.  These systems are used to intervene early in cardiac emergencies with potentially life-saving effects.  In the case of a cardiac arrest, the quick use of these automated systems can potentially convert the victims heart rate back to a normal function.  The sooner they are used, the greater the chance for success, buying the victim time until they can be transported to a hospital.

“We received these AED’s by donation in memory of Steve Meyers, from his family several years,” stated Captain Michael Barnes.  “Steve was the victim of a sudden cardiac arrest at a very young age.  I was there and it was a very tragic situation.  We were able to get there a few minutes faster than an ambulance but did not have an AED at the time.  No one can say for sure it would have changed the result but we would have had one more tool to work with.”


You can find more information on this organization at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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