Lapel's Bulldog Corner gets Makeover

An old friend received a makeover this weekend. Owner Shelly Mcclintock-Troutman and friends and family spent the entire weekend improving the decor and upgrading the seating.

LAPEL, IN: Shelly understands that Lapel's Bulldog Corner has a proud history and many people come to eat and enjoy the LHS yearbook photos on the wall. Gone are the mish-mash of high school photos dotted around the walls, Shelly has kept the photos as a focal point on the wall but given the walls new treatments and grouped collections of photos together with each booth having photos from a different decade.


Before Changes at Bulldog Corner


After Changes at Bulldog Corner

For more "AFTER" photos click here

Lapel's Bulldog Corner will be offering the same quality of service, and excellent food as it always as, only  the decor has changed!

Lapel's Bulldog Corner will be open today until 1:30pm. For more information visit Facebook @!/BulldogCorner?fref=ts

You can find more information on this business at their Stony Creek Lifestyle listing accessible here.

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