Lapel Animal Clinic


For 26 years Dr Vicki Barker Hagerman has operated the Lapel Animal Clinic, along State Road 32 just outside of Lapel!

The Lapel Animal Clinic caters to the veterinary needs and services of cats and dogs and provides expert and professional care.

As well as veterinary services the Lapel Animal Clinic also sells specialized pet food and other pet related products.

Full service, surgery, medicine, and x-rays with a special interest in skin conditions and animal behavior.

For elderly clients a pick-up and drop-off program is provided to help get sick animals the veterinary care they need. Also in some cases Dr Vicki is able to provide home vet care.

Please call: 765-534-3142 TODAY!

Opening Times

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

8:00am - 5:00pm




8:00am - 12:00pm



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The staff at Lapel Animal Clinic are friendly, professional and willing to help you and your beloved pet(s).


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